Halogen-free cables for Kinetix for Food and Bev

Allen-Bradley has expanded its line of 2090 single cables for Kinetix 5700 and 5500 drives to now include halogen-free PUR and PVC cable options. The halogen-free option is ideal for applications such as food and beverage, which seek to reduce exposure to toxins and for applications looking to meet IEC 60754-1. Additionally, the new cables have a smaller bend radius for both continuous flex and static applications. They are available in a wide range of cable AWGs, types and connector options.

There are clear benefits to using a single cable for both power and feedback when connecting drives and motors. Single cables are easier and faster to install and reduce the number of parts that need to be managed.

Using halogen-free cables reduces exposure to toxins if the cables are burned or decompose

  • Halogen-free means the cable must pass IEC 60754-1 test for percent of Halogen content present in insulation and jacket
    • The insulation and jacket compound are free of halogenated materials, which can be transformed into toxic and corrosive matter during combustion or decompositions in landfills
    • Halogen refers to Group 7 of the periodic table and includes:
      • Fluorine
      • Chlorine
      • Bromine
      • Iodine
      • Astatine


Servo Motors: Kinetix 5700 and Kinetix 5500

Servo Motors: Kinetix VPL, VPF, VPH, VPS and single-cable VPC as well as VPAR electric cylinders

Who should use 2090-CS halogen-free PUR and PVC single cables?

Customers looking for a cost-effective solution and/or a smaller cable bend radius for applications that don’t require cables to be UL Listed Bulk, Tray Rating, or FT-4.

Halogen-free option: ideal for food and beverage and other applications in which it is high priority to avoid potentially toxic chemicals. Focus is on European customers who need to meet IEC 60754-1, but they are available globally.

MORE INFO:  https://cedinc.box.com/s/ipfy3xuzpucxw9h0qmtwyuwz1g3wohk7

EMAIL us for more info or if interested:  justin.brunken@ced.com

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