Drive Start-Ups: Having Help, Could Help

Getting a new drive or system up and running on time is important for your operation and your job productivity. Start up delays or having someone that may not have experience in starting-up that specific drive could lead to disruptions or long-term issues.

What is a drive start-up service?

  • Physical inspection and verification of proper drive and motor installation practices prior to the application of power
  • Verify that external control wiring is properly terminated at the drive input and output connection points
  • Confirmation of drive cabling to Motor, Line Feed, and Isolation Transformer (if applicable)
  • Adjustment of operation parameters, within drive and motor design limitations, to values as appropriate for the application
  • Operation of drive through speed range to verify proper performance
  • Programming network parameters in the drive, if applicable.

With our Drive Start-up service with Allen-Bradley VFDs you can benefit wtih:

Improved On-Time Production Performance

Delays in getting a new drive up and running can have a drastic impact on your business. We can assist you with getting your new drive or system up and running on time so you can avoid fulfillment issues, missed delivery times and loss of revenue.

Reduced Total Maintenance Costs

Our experienced service technicians work with you to check all equipment and systems in order to ensure proper performance and avoid premature equipment failures.

Improved Equipment Operation

Rely on trained experts to help you prevent common mistakes that can lead to improper equipment commissioning that can lead to production problems in the future.

Extended Factory Warranty

Our Drive Startup Assistance program verifies that the necessary electrical, mechanical and environmental criteria has been met. As a result, drives that are started up by our service technicians will receive an additional year of factory


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